Episode 037: The Bronx, Philatephilia and the Magic Valley

Like the pillow pet, the Bronx is two things at once. It’s one of the five boroughs, and it’s a delicious gin drink. Join us as we sleuth out this almost-martini’s citrusy goodness before indulging in a bit of Nicholson-and-Spader mayhem. Bottoms up!

Movie: “Wolf
Recommendations: “Last Week Tonight” and “The Mummy

Show Notes:
1. Yes, ticks are arachnids. Well, technically small arachnids in the order Parasitiformes.
2. Artisanal Vermouth is maybe the worst thing ever. Maaaaybe.
3. For the record, Christopher Plummer is a beautiful, beautiful man. Yeah, there’s no link here. It’s just fact.
4. One of Kate’s favorite episodes of “Mystery Science Theater 3000” is “Werewolf.” You should watch it.
7. If you ever needed to know about geographic tongue, look no further.

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