Episode 036: Sangria, Hell and Foot Sweat

Sorry so late!

The summery fruitiness of the Spanish sangria guides Kate and Josh into a discussion of Clint Eastwood’s “High Plains Drifter,” young adult fantasy fiction and rare heart defects. Join us!

Movie: “High Plains Drifter
Recommendations: “Ghost Ship” and “Review

Show Notes:
1. For those of you unfamiliar with Warren Zevon’s greatness, click here.
2. Just so we’re all on the same page regarding penis lasers.
3. Seriously, Lex has the best pad of all super villains.
4. The actual Spanish word for “waterfall” is “cascada.”
5. Clint’s interactions with the two women in “High Plains Drifter,” side by side. Both are problematic in very different ways, but I think it’s worth a look. Let’s discuss, shall we?
6. The YMCA used to be such a wholesome place. What happened?

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