Episode 033: Tequila Sunrises, a Digital Surprise and a Devil Baby

After a bracing visit to the doctor for a checkup, Josh joins Kate and Laura for some Tequila Sunrises. The movies this week were not good, but at least one of them had a very honest poster, and the other had the world’s creepiest muppet. Join us!

Movies: “To the Devil a Daughter” and “Dirty Mary Crazy Larry

Show Notes:
1. Behold Kate’s bar tending skills!
2. So, is it Tequila Sunrise…or Tequila Sunrise?
3. Pazuzu? Kukimo? Richard Burton?
4. Devil baby alert! Click at your own risk.
5. Kate might be biased, but look at that face.
6. You heard it here first…or, alternatively, at Jezebel. Was Tori Spelling lying? HOW DARE SHE.
7. Have you ever been in luh with someone? It can be complicated, but J. Lo has it down. Check it out here.

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