Episode 032: Pimm’s Cup, King Henley and Insulin Insufficiency

Kate and Josh sip some perfidious Albion with the cucumber-and-fruit deliciousness of the very English Pimm’s cup. Plus: Are tiny drummers terrifying? What’s type E diabetes? And what on earth does spring do to Biloxi, Miss.? Join us for cocktails and chat, won’t you?

Movies: “The Conversation” and “Major League”
Recommendations: “The Octonauts,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and “The Writer’s Room.”


good news — one island tribe is now largely immune to kuru, and that may offer hints into treating other diseases!

kate proves prescient again: there IS such a thing as pencil cheese

craig ferguson explains how posh people say ears instead of yes.

King Don and his tiny herald.

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