Episode 031: Mary Pickford, Guttengangers and Embalming

Mary Pickford: she’s a silent-screen sweetheart, a creepy recluse and a tasty rum drink rolled into one! Kate and Josh talk Hollywood history and then watch a forgotten Disney live-action movie and a “Police Academy” sequel. How did Rene Auberjonois go from Altman movies to this crap? Can Kanye’s seed desiccate the deceased? Find out!

Movies: “Charley and the Angel” and “Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach
Recommendations: “The Hot Zone,” “Bernie,” “Me & Orson Welles” and antibiotics.

Show Notes:

1. El Jefe IS a real cocktail! Huzzah.
2. No one will be admitted during the riveting limbo scene.
3. There’s a method to Kanye’s madness. Theoretically. Probably not.
4. Teenage Kate maintains that Chris Martin is beautiful. The man is soulful.
5. Obama is into mail fraud. You heard it here first.
6. Josh never had a childhood, apparently.

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