Episode 001: Muddled Manhattans, Rude Cords and Dracula

In our first show,  Kate makes Rob Roys that turn into what she calls “Muddled Manhattans.” We down them and move on to talk about the irritations of assertive power cords, Stetson Hats, the Fat Boys and whether or not it’s fair that the best Zorro is also the best Dracula.

Join us!


  1. Interested in your take on feederism.

    From my experience, most feeders are aware of and willing to talk about ‘power dynamics’ and ‘obesity related health issues’. So, by the way, are most feedees. You talked about an ‘echo chamber’ where uncomfortable facts and observations are “hushed up”. I don’t think it’s quite that way.

    I wish more non-feeders would actually try to get to understand the phenomenon and actually talk to folks (like me) who are wired in a way that makes weight gain seem erotic. Your comments seemed (at least to me) more speculative than informed by actual investigation.



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